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Our school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. We expect all staff, visitors and volunteers to share this commitment.

If you have any concerns regarding the safeguarding of any of our pupils please contact one of our Designated Safeguarding Leads: Mrs Sarginson, Mrs Hill or Mrs Dixon

Please see the safeguarding section of our website under Policies > Safeguarding.

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May and June 2022

This half term we have been thinking about our presentation at the Digital Leader kids meet next half term, where we present in front the Digital Leaders from of all of the other schools. We have also delivered Digital Parenting magazines to all of the classes in school to take home to help keep everyone in our school community safe. 


March and April 2022

This half term we created a newsletter to be sent home to parents to share some of the things we have been doing in school as well as the National Online Safety award our school is working towards. 


January and February 2022

This half term we planned activities and a virtual assembly for Safer Internet Day. We used iMovie to create our virtual assembly and filmed online safety tips as well as recording a voice over as we read the online safety story #Goldilocks: A Cautionary Tale. We shared our video with all classes across school.



September and October 2021


In our first half term of the year we have been busy recruiting new year 5 Digital Leaders and introducing ourselves to everyone in school. We have created our own avatars and Digital Leader badges to go on our lanyards, which we wear around school. We have made posters to go on the computer trolleys so people can ask us to help if they need our support.



Two of our Year 6 Digital Leaders went to Bowlee Primary School along with Digital Leaders from Harwood Park, All Souls, Milnrow, Woodbridge and Heap Bridge.
They discussed what they wanted to do when they were doing the first challenge and what they wanted to do to progress in their career as a Digital Leader such as setting up assemblies and computing lessons.
They also got to know the other Digital Leaders from other schools and were introduced to the Rochdale Digital Leader blog where they could keep in touch and see what people have done for their challenges.

May 2021

This month we have been testing out the Be Internet Legends kits we have received from Parent Zone and Google. Each kit contains a kit to build your own trophy and the website where the online safety quiz is.




November 2020

This month we have been interviewing Year 5 pupils for the Digital Leader role and we were very impressed with all of the presentations. It was a very difficult decision because of the high standard of applications, interviews and presentations, but the Year 6 Digital Leaders managed to select three Year 5 children to become Digital Leaders.




October 2020

This month we have been busy short listing applications from Year 5 children and we are looking forward to conducting interviews after half term. 


September 2020

Our Year 6 Digital Leaders have started the recruitment process and are really looking forward to shortlisting and interviewing Year 5 applicants. We've recorded a short video, which has been shared on school's social media pages, and discussed what socially distanced interviews will look like this year. 

Recruiting Digital Leaders

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February 2020

This month we have been promoting online safety through Safer Internet Day. We held an assembly where we talked about our online identity, digital footprints and zip it, block it, flag it.




We also read online safety stories including Penguinpig and Digiduck to Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classes and visited all of the Key Stage 2 classes where they took part in an online safety quiz on Kahoot!



January 2020

We have been very busy thinking of different ideas and activities we would like to do for Safer Internet Day in February. We also attended parents evening and ran the online safety information stand and had lots of user guides for different apps to hand out to parents and carers. We were also presented with new Digital Leader bibs in assembly to help us be more visible. We love the colour!


November 2019

This month our highlight has been visiting the Apple Store at the Trafford centre with Digital Leaders from Harwood Park. We attended a workshop with an iGenius and learned how to use the app Procreate, how to layer images and create textures by using different brushes and effects. We hope to be able to use our learning to help other children at school to be able to use the different drawing tools and effects in some of the software we use.

October 2019


We have been to our first Digital Leader Kids Meet! We were introduced to the Rochdale Digital Leader blog and set our first challenge. We got to leave comments on the blog and meet lots of other Digital Leaders from across the borough. 




We have also been busy completing our first challenge, which is to raise the awareness of Digital Leaders across school.. We created badges for our new Digital Leaders to go in their lanyards, updated our display board in the ICT suite and introduced ourselves and our role in assembly. We have also made sure that we have featured on our school's social media pages so that everyone knows who Hopwood's Digital Leaders are!

September 2019


This month we have been busy interviewing Year 5 children, who were selected for interview at the end of the summer term. They were asked to give a short presentation, complete two challenges and answer some questions during their interview. We were very impressed with the standard of applications this year and the effort that the applicants had put in to their presentations. It was a tricky decision but here are our newest Digtial Leaders!


June 2019


This month we have led a whole school assembly and reminded everyone about our role and what we do before we open applications to replace our outgoing Year 6 Digital Leaders. We also attended the Digital Leader enhancement workshop where we got to use virtual reality headsets to explore Egyptain pyramids, Dubai, and under the sea, we practised programming drones and wrote algorithms so that our camel sprites could enter Strictly Camel Dancing! We also worked with eAWARE and completed e-safety quizes. Our next job is to finish our end of year presentation, which we will be sharing with other Digital Leaders in July.

May 2019


We have had a very busy half term and we have been preparing our presentations for our whole school assembly and our end of year presentation to the other Rochdale Digital Leaders. We'll also be recruiting new Digital Leaders next half term so watch this space!


February 2019


January 2019


We have been very busy in prerperation for Safer Internet Day 2019. We launched a poster competition and started writing questions for our Safer Internet Day Kahoot quiz, which we will be running with KS2.



November 2018


This month we took part in our school Youth Parliament as part of UK Parliament Week. We discussed our aims for the year with other pupil voice groups in our school and how we could support each other. We have also been working with Year 3 on their Christmas calendar.

October 2018


This month we have been very busy recruiting three new Digital Leaders to join us. We presented our roles to both Year 5 classes, shortlisted and interviewed applicants. We then had the difficult job of narrowing it down to three sucessful candidates.


September 2018


We are looking forward to a fantastic year ahead! We will be speaking to upper Key Stage 2 children soon as we need to recruit a few more Digital Leaders to join us. 


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We attended our first Digital Leader event today at Bowlee Park Primary School. We were introduced to our new Rochdale Digital Leader blog and discovered more about the challenges we will be set over the coming year.



July 2018


We've reached the end of the school year as Digital Leaders and our Year 6 children will be leaving their roles as they move on to secondary school. We have had a fantastic year and really enjoyed presenting what we been working on at the Digital Leader Kids Meet. Here are some of our best bits...


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May 2018


This half term we went on a trip to Apple to learn how to use the keynote app. We decided to learn about this app so that we can prepare our final presentation for the Digital Leader KidsMeet next month and so we can show other people at school how to use it. We had a fantastic morning and made our own mini presentations, which we shared, and learned about the different functions on the app.

We have also been busy distributing the Digital Parenting magazine to every child in school to take home.

The magazine contains lots of advice and articles for parents about the digital world their children are in. It also includes useful user guides to set up parental controls on different apps and devices. You can read a copy of issue 6 by clicking HERE.


March 2018


We have been busy creating user guides for some of the apps on our school iPads. You can find our iPad library of user guides by visiting our blog or by following this LINK.


On Monday 26th March we visited the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester to see the 'Robots' exhibit.

We followed the activity trail and went through different sections split in to marvel, obey, dream, build and imagine.

We saw how computers had developed from CAMs and animatronics, to weaving machines in the industrial revolution, to robots using electricity up to the present day. Here are some pictures and videos from our trip.


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February 2018


This month we took part in Safer Internet Day activities across school. We led an assembly for the whole school and shared our top tips to stay safe online. We also showed everyone the video we were involved in, which was also shared on our School's Twitter account as well as Rochdale Borough Council and the Safeguarding Children Board. We shared the stories of Penguinpig, Monkeycow and Digiduck with Key Stage 1 children. Everyone in school created a jigsaw piece, which we connected together in the main hall.



January 2018


This month we are thinking about Safer Internet Day next month. Our first task was to review and give feedback on an e-safety questionnaire for Rochdale Borough Safeguarding Children Board. We also recorded e-safety messages as part of their e-safety campaign, which will run during the first week of February.



December 2017



In December we helped Year 3 with their calendars. We used green screen technology and the app Touch Cast to take pictures of each pupil in four different scenes to represent a different season of the year. We also supported classes in their Hour of Code activities.

We have updated the Digital Leader board in the ICT suite to our new iPad design. We have included our avatars and 




We have designed our own badges, using our avatars, for our lanyards. We will wear these when we are completing Digital Leader tasks so we are easily identifiable around school.



We ran a lunch time drop in session for all staff to show them how to create QR codes.


September 2017


Our First Kids Meet!


Today we attended our first Kids Meet as Digital Leaders. We went to Harwood Park to meet up with other Heywood Digital Leaders and to find out more about our role and challenges over the coming year. We can't wait to complete our first challenge and earn our Digital Leader badges!

February 2017


On Safer Internet Day we performed 'This is your Internet' in a whole school assembly. Our short play highlighted the positive and negative use of images on the internet and the digital footprint we leave behind.




After completing our first challenge and voting for our new style badges, we were presented with our new Digital Leader badges today. We are now wearing them with pride on our ties.


October 2016


Today CompuTeam held an augmented and virtual reality work with all of the SHINE Digital Leaders. We really enjoyed using the green screen and we are looking forward to being able to look at the TouchCast app more in school soon.

September 2016


Our First Challenge!

In the first autumn half term we have been busy look at apps and completing our first challenge. Our challenge was to make sure that everyone in school knew who the Digtial Leaders are and what their role is. We made posters, updated our display and did a short presentation in a whole school assembly. We have also been supporting reception to take photographs with the iPads and use the app PicCollage.

July 2016



At the end of the school year our existing Digital Leaders had to recruit new replacements before moving on to high school. We held interviews in the ICT suite and appointed 8 Digital Leaders. We hope they enjoy their new role and we wish our retiring Digital Leaders good luck for the future.



Robot Workshop

On Friday 10th June 2016 we attended a robot workshop with other Digital Leaders from the Shine Partnership. We met a humanoid robot called Nao, who could follow instructions, talk, play football and even sing and dance. Then we designed, constructed and programmed our own car robots using Lego WeDo. At the end of the session we had a robot car race. We had a fantastic afternoon!

Apple Store Trip


On Friday 22nd April we visited the Apple Store to work with the Apple Genius' to create a project. We also took some Year 4 and 5 children, who are interested in becoming Digital Leaders, with us too and supported them in using iMovie. We had a fantastic time learning and questioning the Apple Genius' and we love our yellow Apple t-shirts.

Creating User Guides

This half term our challenge was to create a user guide for a piece of digital technology or software.. 



We made a user guide last year for Pro-Bots using Thinglink and written instructions on how to create a Thinglink. This time we decided to use Windows Movie Maker to create a video on how to use the app Tellagami. We also made a user guide for a digital camera as we have been using them in our computing lessons. All of our user guides can be found on our blog.

Recycle for Greater Manchester

On Tuesday 22nd March we accompanied the Eco Team on a trip to Recycle for Greater Manchester. We were looking at how digital technology is used in the real world. We found lots of examples including intercom systems, traffic light systems for the heavy machines who move around the sight, the machines which process the recycling and ear defenders with a built in radio system to protect their ears but still be able to communicate. We even became Recycling Superheroes!

Safer Internet Day 2016

Our challenge this half term was to plan, organise or run an activity on Safer Internet Day, Tuesday 9th February.  



We helped our peers create their own avatars to help them stay safe on line, read Chicken Clicking to both Year 1 classes, handed out leaflets with the School Council and we made a video with tips on internet safety that we shared in a whole school assembly.