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Our school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. We expect all staff, visitors and volunteers to share this commitment.

If you have any concerns regarding the safeguarding of any of our pupils please contact one of our Designated Safeguarding Leads: Mrs Sarginson, Mrs Hill or Mrs Dixon

Please see the safeguarding section of our website under Policies > Safeguarding.

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2023/2024 Fixtures and Results 



Fixture Result 
KS2 Cross country 14.9.23Individual scores
5/6 boys football 21.9.235th 
KS2 girls football 28.9.232nd
Year 3 MUFC 3.10.231st place qualified for the finals in June
3/4 boys football 5.10.235th 
5/6 boys B team football 12.10.232nd place 
RAFC girls football 16.10.231st place represent RAFC now at the next stage 
KS2 girls B team football 19.10.231st 
KS2 Gymnastics 2.11.23

Year 3/4 2nd             Year 5/6 3rd 

5/6 athletics 9.11.234th                                                                    
3/4 athletics 16.11.231st 
5/6 girls dodgeball 23.11.233rd
5/6 boys dodgeball 30.11.235th 
3/4 boys dodgeball 7.12.233rd
3/4 girls dodgeball 14.12.232nd
SEND KS2 Dodgeball 18.1.245th
5/6 handball 8.2.241st
5/6 basketball 29.3.24                                                                     
3/4 football B Team 7.3.24 


5/6 girls RAFC 16.10.231st                                                            
3/4 boys football 11.12.235th 
RAFC girls football (represent Rochdale FC)4th
5/6 swimming 25.3.24 

2022/2023 Fixtures and Results 



cross country 8.9.22Individual scores
5/6 boys football 12.9.22 and 15.9.224th
Girls football B team 22.9.221st
3/4 football 26.9.22 and 29.9.22 4th
3/4 football B team 3.10.22 and 6.10.224th
Girls A team 10.10.22 and 13.10.221st
5/6 boys B team 17.10.22 and 20.10.223rd
5/6 athletics 3.11.221st 
3/4 athletics  10.11.222nd
5/6 boys dodgeball 14.11.22 and 17.11.225th
5/6 girls dodgeball 21.11.22 and 24.11.222nd
3/4 dodgeball 28.11.22 and 1.12.224th
5/6 dodgeball C team 5.12.22 and 8.12.223rd 
SEND dodgeball event ks2 12.1.23certificates 
Boys B team dodgeball 17.1.23 and 19.1.23 

Girls B team dodgeball 24.1.23 and 26.1.23 

3/4 B team mixed dodgeball  31.1.23 and 2.2.23 2nd
KS1 B team football 7.3.23  
KS1 A team football 9.3.23 
RAFC girls  final @ Manchester City 17.3.233rd 
RAFC boys final @ Rochdale FC 24.3.23 8th
5/6 rugby 11.5.234th 
5/6 netball 25.5.232nd
5/6 rounders 15.6.231st
5/6 handball 22.6.231st
1/2 3/4 5/6 Gymnastic 13.7.23

1/2 3rd

3/4 2nd

5/6 1st

overall 2nd place 

5/6 Swimming 17.7.232nd 


lacrosse event 2.11.22 festival 
badminton event 8.11.22festival 
5/6 tag rugby 22.11.222nd
3/4 handball/dodgeball event 30.11.22cancelled
3/4 football 13.12.222nd
RAFC boys 17.1.231st
RAFC girls 8.2.231st
5/6 Tri-Golf 24.4.233rd 


2021-2022 Competitions


We are looking forward to the time the sports competitions can restart. Keep an eye on this page for up to date results.


Competition 2021-2022Result                                                                                                     

Heywood School Partnership        

Year 5/6 netball A Team 27.9.212nd Place
Year 4/5/6 Girls Football Team 4.10.21 18.10.211st Place
Year 3/4 Boys Football Team 14.10.21 18.10.211st Place
Year 5/6 13.12.21Football event
Year 3/4 6.12.21Football event
Year 5/6 RAFC 24.1.22Qualified for the finals
Year 5/6 RAFC 17.2.22qualified to represent RAFC at the cliff training ground 9Manchester United) 7.3.22
Year 5/6 Boys dodgeball 5.5.223rd Place
Year 5/6 Girls dodgeball 12.5.22 
Rochdale Borough Partnership 
Year 5/6 Rugby 18.11.22Qualified for the finals 30.11.22 2nd Place
Year 3/4 Hockey 29.3.221st Place
Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 Golf 5.4.22

1st Place

1st Place

Year 5/6 girls county finals3rd Place
Year 5/6 Rounders 17.5.22 


2019 - 2020 Competitions


Heywood School Games Partnership 
Year 5 and 6 Football 19.9.19/26.9.195th Position
Year 5 and 6 Handball 30.9.192nd Position
Year 5 and 6 B and C Football teams 3.10.19

B Team 3rd Place

C Team 8th Place

Year 4/5/6 Girls Football 7.10.19/14.10.192nd Place
Key Stage 2 Festival sports eventCertificate received
Year 3 and 4 Boys Football 10.10.10/17.10.193rd Place
Year 5 and 6 Boys Dodge ball 31.10.194th Place
Year 1 MUFC day 6.11.193rd Place
Year 3 and 4 mixed Dodge ball 7.11.191st Place
Year 5 and 6 Girls Dodge ball 11.11.191st Place
Year 3/4 and 5/6 Gymnastics 28.11.19

Year 3/4 1st place

Year 5/6 1st place

Year 2 MUFC 12.2.202nd in the group
Year 5/6 Basketball 17.2.204th Place
Key stage 2 Festival sports event 18.2.20Certificate received
Year 3/4 Orienteering 19.3.20 
Year 5/6 Athletics 2.4.20 
Rochdale Borough School Games Partnership 
Year 4/5 handball festival 20.11.19

 Determination award goes to Jayson

Year 5/6 rugby 27.11.191st place in the group and have now Qualified for the borough finals
Year 5/6 Gymnastics 15.1.204th place
Year 5 Lacrosse 13.2.20Group stage
Year 5/6 rugby final 3.3.203rd place in the finals
Year 5 Lacrosse final 5.3.204th place in the finals