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Our school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. We expect all staff, visitors and volunteers to share this commitment.

If you have any concerns regarding the safeguarding of any of our pupils please contact one of our Designated Safeguarding Leads: Mrs Sarginson, Mrs Hill or Mrs Dixon

Please see the safeguarding section of our website under Policies > Safeguarding.

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Learning and News

WB 24.5

This week in science we completed an experiment to prove that we needed to use soap when we washed our hands to keep the germs away. We used pepper to represent the germs and watched as all the germs moved away from the soap when we added it to our hands. 

WB 17.5

This week we have been learning to tell the time to 5 minutes. We have been reading the time and making it on our clocks!

WB 10.5

This week everyone in school planted a sunflower seed! We are going to put them on the windowsill in the sunshine and give them lots of water to help them grow and we will bring them home for half term!

WB 3.5

This week in science we tested our body's fitness! We discussed our favourite exercises and counted how many of each we could do in 1 minute. We then checked our heart rates and discussed how our bodies responded to the exercises. 

WB 26.4

This week we took part in the daily mile! We walked around the park and created posters to explain why exercising was important to us. 

WB 19.4

This week we used the computers to quiz on our reading books using accelerated reader. We read some of our star books together and then tested how much we could remember! 

WB 29.3

This week we played Easter bingo! We had to listen carefully and mark off our numbers and then shout BINGO! When we had marked them all off! We had so much fun and were all really happy with our chocolate eggs. 

WB 22.3.21

This week in science we have been completing our observations to see how much our lettuce seeds have grown in the last two weeks. We found that some of our seeds have grown really well and others haven't grown at all! We will find out next week if our predictions about how well they would grow were correct. 

WB. 15.3.21

This week in PE we have been working on our fitness. We warmed up with some ball skills and then took part in races.


WB 8.3.21

This week we have been learning all about caterpillars, butterflies, tadpoles and frogs through our story The Tadpole's Promise. We then got to see some real life caterpillars who will be going into their cocoons soon in order to transform into butterflies! 

WB 14.12.20

This week we watched Rapunzel: The Lockdown Panto in our classes. It was really funny and reminded us of lots of strange things that have happened this year! 


WB 7.12.20

We had some really special visitors to school this week..... Santa and his reindeer came to see us!

We loved spending time with Santa and learning all about the reindeer.

WB 30.11.20

This week we have been working really hard on our Christmas message. We have learnt our lines, poem and song and have been practising every day! We are really excited to share it with our grown ups!

WB 22.11.20

This week we have been working really hard on our spellings! We held our spelling bee to find out who was the best speller in our class. We did so well the winner had to be decided using Year 3/4 words! Congratulations to all the children who took part. 

WB 16.11.20

This week in DT we have been researching the best way to create an axle for our toy cars. We will use this research to decide which type of chassis we need for our final products. 

WB 9.11.20

In computing this week we have been Game Testers! We tested out the game we created last half term to see how well it worked. We then had a competition to see which pair could get the highest score. It was really fun! 

WB 2.11.20

In Geography this week we have been learning all about different types of weather. We then made some predictions about what we think the weather will be like this week and we will draw in our observations each day to see if we were correct. 

WB 19.10.20

This week in Year 2 we have been exploring our star books. We have been looking at the illustrations and making predictions about what we think each text will be about. We will see if our predictions come true!


WB 12.10.20

In Science this week we have been investigating which material would be best to make a parachute out of. We made our parachutes out of newspaper, bin bags, tissue paper, fabric and celophane. We then dropped them from the same height to make sure it was a fair test. We found out that both the tissue paper and the celophane were the best materials as those parachutes took the longest time to land. 

WB 5.10.20

In maths this week we have been looking at position and direction. We have been learning our left and right and lots of new vocabulary to describe where things are. We practised this by making half turns, quarte turns and whole turns in both directions. 


WB 28.9 20

In Art this half term we have been looking at the work of Giuseppe Archimboldo. He was an Italian painter who created portraits out of fruits and vegetables. We used this as inspiration to create our own portraits using seasonal vegetables and this is what we came up with!  

WB 21.9.20

In History this week we have been learning all about the different parts of a plane. We looked at the Wright Brothers Flier II and compared it to modern day planes. We then compared the two planes to see what was still being used in planes today and what was not. We then made our own paper aeroplanes and labelled the parts of the planes. 

WB. 14.9.20

We have been really excited to get back to school but we have also felt lots of different emotions about coming back. To help us understand our feelings we have been doing daily mindfulness sessions and talking about our feelings. This week we have been doing some chair yoga and practising lots of different types of stretches. 

Autumn 1 


How did the first flight change the world? 

In history, we are learning about who created the first aeroplane, when the first flight was and how it has changed our lives today. Throughout the term,  the children will get the opportunity to research the Wright Brothers, who are responsible for the first flight and look at maps to identify where it took place. We will be looking at the  similarities and differences between planes in the 1900s and the planes we see now, as well as constructing an aviation history timeline.



Use of every day materials

Our science lessons will be keeping us very busy this half term, we will be exploring different objects to identify the material it is made out of. The children will also identify how we use these materials every day and classify objects into the correct group. We will also identify why materials are used for specific reasons and discuss what they think may happen if we changed the material.