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Our school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. We expect all staff, visitors and volunteers to share this commitment.

If you have any concerns regarding the safeguarding of any of our pupils please contact one of our Designated Safeguarding Leads: Mrs Sarginson, Mrs Hill or Mrs Dixon

Please see the safeguarding section of our website under Policies > Safeguarding.

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Learning and News

W/C 23rd May 2022

This week we have been very busy learning a dance from our decade, and doing art and craft activities for our Jubilee celebrations.

W/C 16th May 2022


W/C 9th May 2022


W/C 3rd May 2022

Our topic in science is 'Growing Up and Growing Old. We all brought photographs in of when we were a baby and then had a competition to see if we could identify each other from the photographs.

W/C 25th April 2022

In PE we started to learn more about the rules for playing rounders. This week, we learnt how to use the rounders bat to tap the ball, thinking about our hand-eye coordination. We also had a special visitor for an assembly, where we learn more about Eid and celebrations.

W/C 4th April 2022

To celebrate our learning in history, we visited Tatton Park for a 'Viking/Anglo Saxon Experience'. We had a great day learning how they battled, farmed and even learn some ancient crafts.

W/C 21st March 2022

Over the past few weeks, we have explored Bollywood style dancing in PE. This week, we perfected our moves!

W/C 14th March 2022

Today was Red Nose Day and we all enjoyed dressing up in red to celebrate.

W/C 7th March 2022

In science this week, we have learnt more about parts of a flower by dissecting and then labelling it. We also had our Y5 Spelling Bee, which was great fun!

W/C 28th February 2022

This week we celebrated World Book Day. We came to school in costumes and shared stories with younger children across the school.

W/C 14th February 2022

This week has been as busy as usual. On Friday we visited Heywood Library to learn more about how our town has changed and then had a tour around Heywood by coach! We learnt lots from our session from Touchstones Museum. In Science we designed and made Rube Goldberg machines to show our knowledge of forces.

W/C 7th February 2022

We had special visitors this week when the chicks that hatched in Reception came to our class. 

W/C 31st January 2022

In our PE today we had 'Boot Camp'. We completed a range of circuit-based activities, learnt new moves and performed them with good technique and balance.

W/C 24th January 2022

In preparation for Chinese New Year, we did some mindful colouring so that we could decorate the classroom.

W/C 17th January 2022

In our art lessons, we learnt more about perspective. We successfully sketched our own interpretation of Leonardo' da Vinci's Last Supper painting.

W/C 10th January 2022

This week in Science we investigated air resistance on surface area. We made parachutes and then dropped them off the stairs near the library to see how the surface area made the parachute fall slower.

W/C 4th January 2022

In PSHE we learnt more about smoking. We worked together to create posters and then shared our learning with the class.

W/C 24th January 2022

In preparation for Chinese New Year, we spent some time doing mindful colouring to decorate our classroom.

W/C 13th December 2021

This week we have had an exciting time. We had our party on Tuesday and on Wednesday we had special visitors when Santa and Mrs Claus came to Hopwood!

W/C 6th December 2021

In RE, we took part in a group activity where we looked at a range of statements relating to the creation of the world. After writing post it responses to the statements, we created a poster to reflect people’s thoughts and presented them to the class. 

W/C 29th November 2021

In Science we created large posters to show everything we have learnt about our topic 'Materials'. We then shared them with the class.

W/C 22nd November 2021

In art we have been learning about Charles Fazzino and how he creates unique cityscapes using 3D pop art.  We then created our own cityscape images.

W/C 15th November 2021

We've had an exciting week this week. We have spent some time working on our Christmas display and in geography, we learnt about earthquakes and made small models to try to simulate earthquakes.

W/C  8th November 2021

We enjoyed our visit to the Jewish Museum. We took part in a scavenger hunt around the synagogue and studied a range of Jewish artefacts. 

W/C 1st November 2021

This week we held our Spelling Bee competition.

W/C 18th October 2021

We had a great time this week working alongside the PTFA to design and make our IQ Cards for this Christmas.

W/C 11th October 2021

This week we have had a full afternoon of DT where we built a car and connected a motor. We also learnt about the phases of the moon with oreos!

W/C 4th October 2021

We had an exciting time in school this week when we performed our performance poem in the playground to the whole school. It was called 'Witches Brew'.

W/C 27th September 2021

This week we voted for the person who would represent our class at the school council. Well done to our winner!

W/C 20th September 2021

In computing, we learnt that the Caesar Cypher is named after the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar, which was used to encrypt the alphabet. We then used this to encrypt our own messages.

W/C 13th September 2021

In English this week, we played games of hangman to help us learn our weekly spellings.

W/C 6th September 2021

We've had a great start to our first week in Year 5. In computing we learnt how to use our new VR goggles to have a look at Saturn. In maths we played a game of Quiz, Quiz, Trade to rehearse our times table and division facts.

Autumn 1

To begin our learning in Year 5,  we will be finding out about the Anglo- Saxons in history.
What time period was this? What are the key historical fats associated with this time period? 
In Science, we will be learning about space.
What is the solar system? Which is the biggest planet? What is the sun? How do you stay alive in space?