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Learning and News

22.6.22 - Spelling Bee - Class 8 came 1st, 2nd and 3rd :-)

Week beg 20.6.22 - In DT, we enjoyed practising our peeling, chopping and grating skills. In readiness for making our own stuffed peppers.

Week beg 6.6.22 - We have started our new topic 'the nappy challenge'. In pairs we pulled apart a nappy to locate the different functions i.e. waterproof covering, wood pulp and elastic.

W.B. 23.5.2022


This week we have been very busy learning a dance from our decade, and doing art and craft activities for our Jubilee celebrations.

Week beg 9.5.22 - In Maths, we have used whiteboard pens and laminated fraction walls to help us find equivalent fractions.

Week beg 2.5.22 - Class 8 went to Blackpool! We had a fantastic time in Blackpool. Most children over came their fear of heights, which was amazing to see! We are very proud.

Summer 1 



In Geography we will be focusing on the seaside.

The children will learn that the coast is the region where land meets sea and the seaside is a tourist resort by the coast. They will research features of a coast such as; sand, rocks, fishing and harbours. The children will be able to explain that beaches are made from erosion over a very long time and beach material comes from the eroded cliff. We will explore how coastlines are at threat to rising sea levels and seaside resorts rely on tourism. 


We are very excited to visit Blackpool beach this half term 






Our topic in science is forces and magnets.


The children will learn that friction is a contact force, which acts between two materials and objects move differently depending on which surface they are on e.g. a car will move slower over grass than over tarmac. We will recap from previous lessons that magnetic material are always made of metal, but not all metals are magnetic. The children will also learn that magnets have two poles - north and south, two poles the same repel and two opposite poles attract. 





Week beg 4.4.22 - We had a great time acting as Archaeologists and presenting in front of a green screen. Our peers used an iPad to record us.

Week beg 21.3.22 - We had lots of fun in the sunshine this week. We used metre sticks to measure the perimeter of 2D shapes.

Week beg 14.3.22 - We had lots of fun on Red Nose Day

Wek beg 7.3.22 - This week in DT, we practised stitching. We looked at running stitch, cross stitch and diagonal stitch.

Week beg 28.2.22 - In science, we labelled part of a plant. We had lots of fun with real life plants.

Week beg 14.2.22 - This week we had an exciting visit from the chicks :-)

10.2.22 - In art we had lots of fun sketching St Basil's Cathedral. The children used wax crayons to apply colour and used ink to wash over the top. To finish, they used cocktail sticks to create patterns.

Week beg 7.2.22 - The children have had lots of fun in Science exploring how opaque, translucent and transparent objects create different shadows

1.2.22 - Chinese New Year

Week beg 31.1.22 - Science - Mirror Maze

Week beg 24.1.22 - In our ukulele lesson this week we learnt how to play sea shanties, such as 'What shall we do with the drunken sailor?' The children are enjoying their music lessons each week.

Week beg 10.1.22 - In PSHE the children had fun acting out safe and unsafe scenarios to their peers

Wk beg 3.1.22 - Class 8 have been learning about architectural styles and have used different sketching pencils to draw famous buildings.

Spring 1 



In history we will be focusing on 'How unpleasant were the Bronze and Iron Ages?'

The children will learn that in the Bronze age, British people learned to work with copper, tin, gold and bronze and they also invented the wheel, potters wheel and produced textiles. They will research the grave of a man dating to around 2,300BC was discovered three miles away from Stonehenge in May 2002. His grave was the richest from this period (early Bronze Age) ever found in Britain and contained the country’s first gold objects. We will discuss if we agree that not much happened in the iron age and if we think home life was much better in the Iron Age than the Bronze Age. 




Our topic in science is light and shadows. The children will learn that light is needed in order to see things and it is reflected from surfaces to see them. They will understand that dark is the absence of light and light from the sun can be dangerous, so they need to protect their eyes

We will look at diagrams of how light only travels in straight lines and the Sun and other stars, fires, torches and lamps all make their own light.  They will also explore concave and convex mirrors and they will investigate their own shadow changes. 







15.12.21 - Today we worked as a whole class to add a rhythm and a melody to our animation of 'Momentum and Intertia'

Week beg 13.12.21 - Our final biscuit box designs in DT :-)

Week beg 6.12.21 - Class 8 had a fantastic time in their Christmas jumpers making their biscuit boxes during DT.

Week beg 29/11/21 - The children have enjoyed making a model of an arm in Science.

12.11.21 - Class 8's spelling bee

Week beg 8.11.21 - Class 8 had a fantastic time classifying animals in science this week

5.11.21 - Today we celebrated Diwali Day and we had lots of fun. We learned lots of new facts about the celebration and we made our own Rangoli sun catchers.

Welcome back to Autumn 2!


This half term we are going to learn about longitude and latitude in our Geography topic- where on Earth are we? And discover healthy foods and the effect it has on our bodies in Science. We begin our shell structures unit of work in DT designing exciting and creative boxes which will store and transport perishable food and much, much more. On our resources page you can find links to some websites that will help you with your learning. 


We are also busy practicing our Christingle service - keep your eyes peeled for the letter because we would love to see friends and family there to support us!


Food and Our Bodies


This half term we will explore why humans and animals need the right types and amount of nutrition, what the 5 main food groups are and why humans and animals need a balanced diet.. Children will learn that humans and some animals have skeletons and muscles for support, protection and movement and they will be able to discuss and name key bones and muscles. By the end of the unit of work, children will have a sound understanding of the purpose of skeletons and muscles and be able to apply this knowledge to situations where normal development has been disrupted (e.g.  Janelly Martinez). 



Where on Earth are we?


This half term we will explore the seven continents, five oceans, two poles (North and South) and other significant lines of latitude and longitude which help us to navigate the globe. Children will learn how to identify these places on a map and understand the real life context of using lines of latitude and longitude to navigate around the globe. We will look at different types of maps (notably climate maps, time zone maps and physical maps). Children will also learn that the Earth rotates on an axis every 24hours, which causes day and night, they will explore the international date line in order to explain, and compare, different time zones around the world. 

Week beg 4.10.21 - We had a fantastic time performing our class poem to the whole school. Our poem was called 'The School Kid's Rap' by John Foster

Week beg - 27.9.21 - Class 8 had lots of fun this week making Igneous rocks using chocolate. Igneous rock is formed when magma cools and solidifies. We melted the chocolate to show the magma once heated and waited for the melted chocolate to harden which showed us how the magma cools and solidifies.

Week beg 20.9.21 - This week the children enjoyed learning how to add and remove sprites and backgrounds on Scratch.

Week beg 13.9.21 - Class 8 had lots of fun sorting and classifying sweetie rocks according to their characteristics and properties in Science this week.

Week beg 6.9.21 - This week the children have had a lovely experience using the VR devices.

Autumn 1  

To begin our learning in Year 3,  we will be finding out about the new Stone Age in history. Why is it called ‘The Stone Age’?, How much change happened in the Neolithic (new) Stone age?, What was life like in the early and middle stone ages? and What do archaeological finding tell us about this time?  

In Science, we will be exploring 'Where on Earth are we?'. What is the world like? What do the lines on the maps and globe mean? Why do we have day and night? and What time is it where you are?