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Our school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. We expect all staff, visitors and volunteers to share this commitment.

If you have any concerns regarding the safeguarding of any of our pupils please contact one of our Designated Safeguarding Leads: Mrs Sarginson, Mrs Hill or Mrs Dixon

Please see the safeguarding section of our website under Policies > Safeguarding.

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Learning and News

WC 16.3.2020

We really enjoyed holding the chicks!

WC 9.3.2020


In Geography we learnt about the water cycle. We worked in pairs to represent the process on paper plates using a variety of materials.

WC 2.3.2020

We enjoyed seeing Dippy the dinosaur!

WC 17.2.2020


We performed at Rochdale Town Hall. Everyone said we were fabulous!

WC 10.2.2020


In our science lesson we really enjoyed creating a leaflet all about the importance of bees, how they affect us and how we can help them.

WC 3.2.2020


We enjoyed taking part in a collaborative learning activity to find out about Hindu festivals.

Week beginning 27.1.2020


We enjoyed learning a new technique called Pizzicato in our Violin lesson. We learnt how to pluck the strings of the Violin to create music.

Week beginning 20/1/2020


This week we've enjoyed a Chinese New Year workshop where we learned about how it is celebrated and a dance. We also went to the park to look at the different shapes and textures we could find and sketched a selection of these for our sketchbooks.



Week beginning 13th January

We enjoyed our Spanish Day activities, where we ordered drinks in our role-play café.


Week beginning 9th December 

It was our Christmas craft this week and we had a fantastic time creating felt gingerbread decorations-very festive! 

In science we have been summarizing our learning and creating information posters based on our topic of teeth and eating. In English we have been learning all about the poem 'Jabberwocky' and we performed stanzas from the poem in small groups using the correct volume, tone and intonation. 

Week beginning 2nd December 

This week in science, we worked in small groups to create presentations looking at food chains. 

Week beginning 25th November

This week in Science we made a model of the digestive system. 

Week beginning 18th November 

This week we have tested fillings that we would like for toasties as part of our food technology. We also took part in our Year 4 Spelling Bee. 

Week beginning 15th November 

This week we celebrated Anti-bullying day. We created a wreath of hands that showed how together we can change things for the better. We have also performed short pieces of drama and used freeze-frames to show the impact of bullying. 

Week beginning 4th November

This week in PSHCE we looked at good and bad feelings and how we can show them appropriately.

Week beginning 28th November 

In geography we have been using Google earth, I pads and atlases to research the cities of North America. We also had a great time at the Autumn disco! 

Week beginning 14th October 

This week we have made Roman sandals. In PSHCE we have been role playing scenarios that look at friendly and unkind behaviours and discussing what we would do. 

Week beginning 7th October 

This week we have been creating mood boards for art, based on Roman sandals, and we have had our Learning together session with parents. 

Week beginning 30th September 

This week as part of our sound topic in science we made string telephones and in art we have made models of Roman sandals. 

Week beginning 23rd September 

This week we took part in a walk and talk history lesson, where we had to research and discover for whom life was more pleasant in Roman Britain. 

Week beginning 16th September

In science this week we have made pan pipes to see if the length of a straw affects the pitch. As part of our drama-based English activity we created a conscience alley for Hogarth (a character from The Iron Man) using modal verbs to ask him questions. 

Week beginning 9th September 

We have made a great start to Year 4 in class 9! We were investigative journalists, using modal verbs to as questions in english. In science, we made drums and 'dancing rice' as part of our sound investigation into vibrations. We took part in an enquiry-based information hunt as we tried to discover why the Romans invaded Britain.  

September 2019

In history this half term we will be looking at the Roman invasion of Britain. Around 2,000 years ago, Britain was ruled by tribes of people called the Celts. But this was about to change. For around a century, the Roman army had been building an Empire across Europe. Now it was coming for Britain! In AD 43, the full might of the Roman army landed on the beaches in Kent. Over the next year it battled inland, storming through hillforts and chopping down anyone who stood in their way. The Romans wanted Britain's precious metals. However, we will explore the fact that they weren't just a destructive force - they built new forts, new settlements and roads. They spread their culture, language and laws. 

Our new science topic is sound. We will explore how sounds are made when objects vibrate. What happens in your ear as  vibrations enter. We will find out more about how sound travels, pitch, volume and man-made sounds.