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Learning and News

Welcome to Year 3!!


It is so lovely to be back at school and to see everyone working so hard!

This half term we are going to learn about the Stone Age in history, rocks, fossils and soils in science, aboriginal journeys in art and much, much more, On our resources page you can find links to some websites that will help you with your learning. 


Rocks, Soil and Fossils


This half term we will dive under the earth to investigate the different types of rocks such as sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic . We will identify them and be able to explain how each rock type is formed and the different processes needed to create them. By looking at the fossils, we will find out what we can learn about other periods of history and where in the layers of soil and the earth these intriguing treasures are found. 



The Stone Age 

The Stone Age is a period in prehistory during which early humans began to use tools made out of stone to aid them in their everyday lives. This advancement in technology paved the way for the Bronze Age and Iron Age in which early humans learnt the limitations of their tools and how to improve them. Migration of humans from nomadic tribes allowed for the migration of trade, materials and resources across the time period. We will learn all about how the early humans communicated through their cave paintings, lived in and built their homes, hunted their food and developed their lifestyles to face the ever-changing climate. 

Science - classifying sweetie rocks

Science - Observing water transportation in celery

DT - tasting ingredients for our stuffed peppers

Geography - Matching the definitions to the words we have learnt this half term. Do you know what a biome is?

What is a shadow?

We are presenters! This week we have developed our camera skills by filming and commentating on our own sports show!

Researching the wettest place on Earth in geography and creating mirror mazes in science.

Celebrating Chinese New Year

Learning about Christian prayer.

What is darkness?

D.T - Children have spent this half term designing a Christmas biscuit box for a child in Year 2

Year 3 Christingle service - Thank you to everyone who came

Learning about different joints in our bodies

29.11.19 Reflecting on Christmas celebrations in RE

This week all children in Class 7 passed their first passport since September. A great first term - Well done Class 7!

15.11.19 The Color Monster artwork

14.11.19 - Maths investigation - Investigating times tables

7.11.19 Researching the designs of existing biscuit boxes

1.11.19 Deconstructing shell structures in DT

17.10.19 - Building layers of music- "Working on a building site ..."

11.10.19 - researching Stone Age monuments, experimenting with paint resist and carving our own fossils in clay!

03.10.19 - Why are worms important for soil?

26.09.19 - Investigating soil - What is soil made up of?

17.09.19 Freddie Fit - Working hard to keep fit!

11.09.19 Children in Year 3 enjoyed a Science show learning all about forces.