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Our school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. We expect all staff, visitors and volunteers to share this commitment.

If you have any concerns regarding the safeguarding of any of our pupils please contact one of our Designated Safeguarding Leads: Mrs Sarginson, Mrs Hill or Mrs Dixon

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Learning and News

WC 10.2.20

In our writing lessons we have been reading 'A walk in London' We have learned so many interesting facts about the different landmarks from Big Ben to Buckingham Palace. Part of the story tells us about the Bank of England and how the museum has coins, notes and blocks of pure gold. The blocks of gold weigh 13Kg. We used thirteen, 1kg weights to represent the block of gold and all  took turns in trying to lift the box! 

WC 3.2.20


In science this week, we discussed our recent investigation and observed whether our plants had grown in the  controlled environments. We then discussed how we could have made our investigation more environmentally friendly. We made newspaper pots and planted bulbs.


WC 19.1.20


This week, we were given the opportunity to try some Chinese dancing to celebrate Chinese New Year.

 The children used traditional umbrellas and dragon masks to create some fabulous dances. 

WC 25.11.19


In PSHE this week, we were thinking about and discussing how much we've grown, both mentally and physically. We discussed in groups, what we can do now that we couldn't do when we were babies and toddlers and things that we found tricky when we started year two but now can do or are getting better at. We also measured and marked how tall we are. We will revisit this in the new year to see how much we have grown! 

WC 18.11.19 


In English this week, we began our new book 'The House Held Up By Trees'  by Ted Kooser.  We have created a booklet to identify the different trees and their leaves. We looked at lots of different leaves and trees and wrote sentences, which included adjectives to describe them.



WC 11.11.19 


In science this week, we carried out an investigation. The children wanted to investigate which sock stretched the furthest. They worked hard as a team to ensure the test was fair and they were able to get accurate results.

WC 28.10.19 


In Maths this week the children have been learning different ways of adding and subtracting. On Friday, one group used Numicon to add 3 one digit numbers. 

WC: 13.10.19


This week in DT, we have began making our toy cars. We have learned different skills throughout our topic and today we used a bench hook and saw to create the axels.

WC 7.10.19


In our whole class reading lessons this week, we have been reading The Spider and the Fly. The children were given all of the rhyming words throughout the book and asked to pair them up. They worked great in teams and discussed which part of the word created the rhyme. 

WC 30.9.19


This week in RE, we  learned about Bar/ Bat Mitzvah. We had great discussions about the differences between Bar and Bat and identified how Jewish people celebrate the day and what happens during the service in the synagogue. The children had some questions about what celebrations other religions had and how they compared to the Bar/ Bat Mitzvah celebration.  

WC 23.9.19


This week in computing, we navigated bee bots using algorithms. Each child had a turn to programme the Bee bot to move around the table to their chosen person.


WC 16.9.19


This week, Freddy Fit came to visit!  We did lots of different exercises which really got our heart rate going. 

WC 9.9.19


In computing this week, we became astronauts!  In small groups the children created algorithms to guide another child (the rocket) through space to another planet. They checked their algorithms to see if they would guide the rocket correctly and made any changes that were needed. 


Autumn 1 


How did the first flight change the world? 

In history, we are learning about who created the first aeroplane, when the first flight was and how it has changed our lives today. Throughout the term,  the children will get the opportunity to research the Wright Brothers, who are responsible for the first flight and look at maps to identify where it took place. We will be looking at the  similarities and differences between planes in the 1900s and the planes we see now, as well as constructing an aviation history timeline.



Use of every day materials

Our science lessons will be keeping us very busy this half term, we will be exploring different objects to identify the material it is made out of. The children will also identify how we use these materials every day and classify objects into the correct group. We will also identify why materials are used for specific reasons and discuss what they think may happen if we changed the material.