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Learning and News

Summer 1

Our topic this half term is Electricity. 
We will be looking at electricity in our environment, sources of electricity before investigating different electrical circuits and how they are formed and work. 

I learn more have a look at the links below:


W/C 04.05.2021

Today, we were presented with different situations where we had to negotiate a compromise, so that everyone is happy. Through role play, we showed how this could be achieved.

This week in science we have been looking at circuits. We investigated 'What makes a circuit?'
Firstly we created our own human circuit with the Energy Stick before creating a circuit to make to light bulb light up. 

We learnt the essential features of circuits. 

W/C 19.4.21

Spring 2 2021

In geography this half term, our enquiry question will be 'Where does all the water go?

 We will be finding out how rivers form, as well as how the water cycle flows. Time will also be spent finding out why the River Thames is important, as well as other famous rivers in the world. 


Our new science topic is States of Matter. We will be classifying, solids, liquids and gases as well as carrying out investigations into processes such as melting.  

We have enjoyed sharing our reports on the city of Lilliput. We have decided that this quirky land is well worth a visit - but be careful of what you say whilst you are there!

WB 29.3.2021

This week we have been investigating oobleck. We have been using the knowledge of states of matter from our topic to decide whether we think oobleck is a solid or a liquid. 

We have completed our Easter cards, which use a lever and linkage mechanism. We hope you enjoy receiving them!

WB 22.03.2021

Today we have been acting out our class book FArTHER ready to write our own version,


We used our design technology skills to make pop-up Mother's Day cards. We hope you enjoyed receiving them!

WB 14.12.2020

Guess who has been checking up on us again today! He's put us all on the 'good' list! We can't wait for Christmas day!

WB 07.12.2020

This week we've had some very exciting visitors! Santa and his reindeers made a socially distanced visit to our school. We loved speaking to Santa and telling him about our Christmas performance before learning more facts about reindeers from the elves. He also left us some presents!

Party Fever!

Enjoying dancing at our Christmas party. We are certainly getting excited for Christmas!

W/c 1.12.20

Violin Lessons

Today, we have done a dress rehearsal for our final performance next week.

This will be videoed and published on social media for all of our friends and family to watch!

WB 23.11.20

This week we have created our own digestive system and follow the journey our food takes through our bodies. It was definitely one to remember! 


We also have had our half term Spelling Bee- congratulation to our contestants from this half term. There was some amazing spelling!


WB 16.11.20

This week is Anti-Bullying week, so on Monday we came in our odd socks to show the importance of being different. This year we have been focusing on cyber bullying, we created laptops which showed how to protect ourselves from cyber bullying and what to do. We then created a tanka about cyber bullying.

Tankas are a form of Japanese poetry which focuses on the number of syllables in each line. 5,7,5,7,7 syllables. 


WB 9.11.20


This week we completed our tooth egg shell experiment. We learnt about how we can keep our teeth healthy. 

We also loved watching the video on Science Enquiry prepared by our Year 6 Science Ambassadors. 

Violin lessons

Today we learnt about ‘Blues’ music and its origins.

We learnt to play ‘The Skeleton Blues’ by heart. For part of the performance, we had to strike the string with the stick of the bow, rather than by drawing the hair of the bow across the strings.

This is called ‘col legno’.
WB 2.11.2020

Year 4 violin lessons

Today we learnt all about the dotted minim, which lasts three beats.

Music which has 3 beats in a bar is often called a ‘waltz’.

We were challenged to play the dotted minims with one bow in our new piece called ‘Katie’s Waltz’.

This week we’ve started our new science topic learning all about Eating- from our teeth all the way through the digestive system. We’ve begun by setting up an investigation to look at how drinks can affect our teeth. 

WB. 19.10.2020

Year 4 violin lessons

Today we practised our bow hold and playing with control. We practised crossing strings clearly, without touching another string.

We practised following the bowing signs, telling us whether to use an up-bow - V, or down-bow - П.


Let the pantomime begin!

Class 9 have been busy planning and designing pantomime sets, costumes and props this half term. Here are some of our finished stages. Which pantomime stories do you recognise?

WB. 12.10.2020

Still image for this video
What can you find in the jungle? Learning verbs in Spanish.


Still image for this video

Year 4 Violin lessons

Today we learned two new musical words, pizzicato and tremolo.

Pizzicato means you pluck the string with your finger.

A tremolo is when you move your bow back and forth very quickly on the string to make it ‘tremble’!

We used these two techniques to play a new piece called, ‘Hall of the Mountain King’.

WB 5.10.20

Violin lessons

Today we learned a new piece called ‘Snowflakes’ and rehearsed our other 2 pieces from last week.

We learned the minim symbol, which lasts 2 whole beats.

WB 29.9.2020

This week we have been looking at amplitude in science. We created an enquiry to look at how sounds changed over distances, luckily the weather was nice for us to try it out. We had to see how far away we could hear the ball bouncing, shaker shaking and then Miss Muir clicking.  

Dojo winners!

Well done to the yellow team! You have worked very hard to achieve all of your Dojos. Will you be the winners again next week?

Varmints by Helen Ward

We have been studying 'Varmints' a book by Helen Ward.

We have used the book as a basis for our writing.

Read our descriptions of events at the beginning of the story. Can you recognise our use of fronted adverbials and expanded noun phrases to add detail to our writing. Have we hooked you into reading more of the book?

We have been looking at and designing pantomime sets for traditional pantomime productions. Today, we started to create our own 3D sets. Can you guess which pantomimes our sets are from? 

Which is your favourite pantomime?

WB 21.9.2020

Class 9 have been looking about pitch this week in both science and also during their violin lesson.

We investigated which elastic band had the highest pitch, then applied this knowledge when looking at the strings on our violins.


Our first piece on the violin- aren't we amazing after only 2 lessons!

Still image for this video

WB 14.9.20

The Romans

We enjoyed using Microsoft Teams to take part in an online history lesson, where we completed our own Roman timelines. 

Year 4 have had a fabulous start to their music lessons today! They have started to learn how to play the violin with Mrs Carstensen. It doesn't get any more exciting than that!

WB 7.9.20

The Ancient Egyptians.

This week we spent time learning about the Ancient Egyptians which was the history topic we didn’t get to cover in Year 3. We learnt about the River Nile and the hierarchy of Ancient Egyptian society. 

Rivers and Mountains

We have been busy exploring atlases, locating and naming rivers and mountains in the UK
W/B 2.9.20

We have enjoyed being back at school and sharing our experiences of life over the past few months with our friends and teachers.

We thought carefully about the things which bring us joy and make us smile!

What makes you smile?