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Learning and News

Last week we began looking at the different types of habitats around the world. We all researched different habitats e.g. deserts, forests, oceans etc. Can you add something that you have learnt to our Padlet about habitats around the world? 

Our new themes ...


Our new topics for after the half term are "Global warming" and "Living Habitats". Over the holidays please explore these topics with your children and make use of the resources we have put on the "resources" webpage. 

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Week beginning 16th October

As our half term draws to a close the children are finishing their topics of Forces and the Anglo Saxons. The children have made great progress over the course of the half term and should be incredibly proud of all their work! This week we have completed our self portraits based on the work of Jean-Michel Basquait and we will spend this week evaluating them against our learning steps for this half term. 




Our work on Forces allowed us to explore the different types of mechanisms and how they can alter the forces input. Ask your child at home - can they explain a pulley, a gear or a lever? We worked in small groups to debate and discuss their properties. 




Week beginning 9th October


This week Class 11 have really enjoyed looking at the Pagan beliefs of the Anglo-Saxon civilisation. They have described the many gods that the Anglo-Saxons worshipped including Woden, Thunor and Frigg. Through our discussions in class we were able to draw links between the Pagan festivals and some of the later Christian traditions. Visit our class blog and add your own interesting facts to our Padlet! We look forward to hearing of your continued learning at home!







What we have been learning 25th September 

This week we have taken part in a Science experiment where we made and tested our own parachutes.  In English, we have looked at all the elements of poetry and written some of our own based on our Anglo-saxon topic.  Mental and written addition have been part of our Maths lessons this week as we have looked at different ways of solving calculations.  

What we have been learning this week beginning 18th September. 


This is week we have been working on Roman numerals and rounding numbers to the nearest 10,100 and 1000. In English we have been retelling the legend of The Dragon Slayer. In Science we completed an experiment using Newton meters as part of our work on Gravity.

What we have been learning the week beginning 12th September. 

This week Class 11 have enjoyed exploring the streets of an Anglo-Saxon town - comparing the way in which Anglo-Saxons lived with that of the Roman Empire centuries before. Together we have created some beautiful work for our classroom displays. On Friday afternoon we were introduced to our artist for the half term - Jean-Michel Basquiat. We explored some of his artwork and discussed how his paintings represent the life he had growing up in Manhattan during the late 1980's. 

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