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Learning and News


Our geography theme this half term focusses on countries around the world and comparing their geographical features.. Add any facts that you know and anything you would like to know to our Padlet here.





This term we will be learning about electricity. Add any facts that you know and anything you would like to know to our padlet by clicking here.


Class 9 have been learning about personal space. We played the game of Islands- each group had 2 pieces of paper, they could only stand on the paper to get from point A to point B.
After the game we discussed our feelings during each part- though all the children said they enjoyed the activity, a lot had felt uncomfortable at point with how close they needed to get.

We looked at how to identify when people are uncomfortable with how close we may be and how to appreciate everyone's different needs.


Our art topic this half term is portraits. This week we drew our self-portrait, next week we will build on these to add colour, before using computer software to edit the colour schemes the week after.

Can you guess who each of our portraits is?



What a fantastic day! Class 9 played exceptionally well during our World Cup day.

Winning 3 games and drawing 1 to come 2nd overall!


Today Class 9 have been investigating insulators and conductors. We build an incomplete circuit so we could use materials to connect and complete our circuit.

We found that metal was the best conductor and allowed the circuit to be completed. 





We have been looking at what charity is and why they are important. 

We've talked about which charities Hopwood have supported over the past year and all the different ways that we can show our support to particular charities.

Using our ICT skills we researched different charities and presented our findings to the rest of the class.


Jam the Dinosaur!

Bhangra Dancing

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This week, we have been learning ways which we can support a positive mental mindset.
We have been learning the new skill of Bhangra Dancing,


Class 9 really enjoyed their visit to the life caravan.

We learnt all about ourselves, how we are all unique and how to keep ourselves healthy.


21.05.2018 School Trip

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Class 9 have had a fantastic day at the Museum of Science and Industry, and John Ryland's Library.
We spent this morning exploring the MOSI, before attending the Circuit City Workshop- we managed to light up the city!
After our lunch we went to the John Ryland's library, we had a tour and learnt about the first public library in Manchester, then we looked at old maps and discovered how Manchester has changed over the past 500 years!


This week in PSHE we have been looking at determination and how we can learn from others showing determination and resilience.

We looked at the life of Wilma Rudolph, the obstacles she had to overcome and the determination she displayed to become an Olympic gold medalist! 



In RE we have been studying Judaism. Today we learnt about how Jews show respect to the Torah and all the different parts which make it.

We made our own Torah scrolls with mantles, including tea staining the pain to represent the kosher animal skin which is used as parchment. We even had a go at writing the beginning of the Torah text!







Today we looked at finding fractions of quantities using skittles. We then investigated equivalent fractions to see which were the same.

Static Electricty

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Today we have been investigating whether we can stick straws to the wall using only ourselves.
Class 9 really enjoyed experimenting with static electricity!


Today we have been looking at Roman artefacts and deducing information about them from handling them.

Then we found at what their actual purpose was- some were a big surprise!


Class 9 completed street dance workshops this morning.
They all worked really hard and produced some fantastic routines!


To start the Summer term we have been looking at making a whole with decimals.

Today we had to find our decimal pair to make a whole one.


Caravaggio Art

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We have spent this half term looking at the art of Caravaggio.
We drew still life sketches of fruit just like him, then we used these to make our own sculptures and then gave them colour and texture with collaged tissue paper.


Today we have been acting out verbs and thinking about how we would carry out these actions to add some WOW adverbs for describing how they're completed.


We've had lots of fun practicing our patience skills. Playing games and learning how we can work as part of a team and how to treat winning and loosing with the same grace.


Class 9 have been learning about habitats and how our environment changes.

Today we looked at how changes in environment can affect animals and learnt about some endangered species.

We worked in groups to research an endangered animal and presented our fact file to the rest of the class.


Well done to Year 4's super spellers completing in  the spelling bee today.
You were all fantastic and what a gripping competition it was!


Some brilliant cross-sectional drawings today of  fruit and vegetables. We were focusing on using shading to create texture and detail.

We will be using our sketches to create sculptures based on Caravaggio's still life art.



World Book Day

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We've had a fantastic day celebrating World Book Day!
We spent this morning completing a book day hunt, then in an illustration workshop with Pippa Pixley our visiting author for the day.
After break we watched a clip from the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe to write a setting description based on Lucy stepping into Narnia (keep a look out on the blog for a sample of some of our writing!)
For lunch was a 1940s style menu!
After our lunch we completed translations of how we would move our character around the coordinate grid, then finally we completed a character sypnosis during ICT.
What a busy day! Have a look at some of the pictures from today.


Today we began our new theme topic of Coal mining by finding out what coal is.

We used our senses to explore coal and learnt what it is used for now and what it used to be used for- focusing on the Victorian Era. 


Our theme this half term is how Coal mining affected Heywood. Add any facts that you know and anything you would like to know to our padlet here.


7th February 2018


Today we had so much fun making our scones. We hope you enjoyed eating them.


Learning Together

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We've had a lovely afternoon doing learning together and some new spelling strategies.
Plus we had a surprise guest! Stella Speller!


Oobleck- is it a solid or a liquid? Class 9 had a fantastic time investigating and looking at the different properties of solids and liquids to decide what it was.


Today we have started our fractions topic in maths. We have been looking at fractions of different foods and shapes to understand how we can form equivalencies.

Tropics weather report.

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Class 9 have been learning about the weather in countries within the tropics and comparing the weather to the UK. They have written weather forecasts for countries found within the tropics.


Today we've been investigating changing states by looking at what temperature causes chocolate to melt.

We found that the chocolate melted at 30 and 40 degrees Celsius but did not at 20 and 5 degrees Celsius . The hotter the temperature, the quicker the chocolate melted. Super investigation skills Class 9!


Class 9 really enjoyed learning about the Arctic Circle and Antarctica, finding out about what life would be like to live there. They did brilliantly answering their interactive quiz all about the top and the bottom of the world!


We've really enjoyed playing games in Spanish to help us learn how to ask for different items of food.



Today we've been sampling different savoury scones.

We've been looking at different brands and comparing prices, nutritional content and value for money.



Happy New Year and what a fantastic first day back!

Class 9 have been using QR codes to research our new DT topic of Scones- looking for ideas to complete our Great Hopwood Scone Off!

We have also been using QR codes and non-fiction books to look at the key principles of Islam for our new RE topic for this half term.


Year 4 had so much fun today at their Christmas party. Take a look at the photos.

The Magic Box

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Class 9 have been looking at the use of intonation, tone, volume and actions to perform poetry.
Here is one group giving a very expressive performance of 'The Magic Box' by Kit Wright.

RE- Christingle.

We have been looking at Christmas traditions from around the world.

To learn more about traditions within the UK we have looked at Christingle services which began in 1968 and made our own Christingle Oranges.


These week we finished off our Art topic based on Barbara Brown.

Barbara Brown created fabric art using repeating geometric patterns completed in autumnal colours.

We printed our designs using polystyrene prints created by ourselves.

RE- Advent.

We've begun learning about advent and why it is important to Christian's on the build up to Christmas.

We've also spoke about our own Christmas traditions and what makes Christmas special to us.

Here are some examples of the fantastic work produced! 






Science- Pitch investigation.

This week we have been using our knowledge of pitch to write our own experiment to look at how the pitch of an object changes dependent on its properties. It was very noisy!


Science- Pitch Experiment

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Persuasive adverts.

We have begun our new topic in English. We have been identifying and learning about the features ready to write our own persuasive adverts!


This week we've been investigating pitch in science and how the features of objects can change the pitch of the sound which we hear.

Spelling Bee 16th November 2017


🐝There was a buzz in Year 4 today as we held our spelling bee.  Our spellers flew through their words and moved on to the unseen spellings list! 

Renewable Energy

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We have been looking at non-renewable and renewable energy sources in our new geography topic.
This week we conducted an investigation making our own Hydro turbines and measuring the effect of the distance from the water source.


This week in maths we have been learning about what the perimeter is and how we can calculate the perimeter of a shape or object.

Today we measured the perimeter of our names!

'Show not tell' sentences

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Show not tell sentences.

Class 9 have been learning to write their own 'Show not tell' sentences.

These sentences allow our work to be more interesting and capture the reader by showing how a character is feeling, rather than just telling them.

To improve our sentences we have been acting out different emotions and guessing our partners emotions from their body language and facial expressions!

Billionaire Boy.

Tell us your opinion of our new class novel Billionaire Boy.

Renewable Energy 

Well done class 9 on your leaflets, posters and models on our new geography topic!

Doesn't our display look fantastic with all your amazing work! 



Pneumatic Systems.

This half term we have been learning about pneumatic systems- how they work, what they're used for and ways to create our own.
We have now designed, planned and made our own pneumatic system using a burger box, a balloon, a straw and an elastic band. Look at our amazing designs!

Class Assembly- Ancient Egyptians 19/10/2017.

Thank you to everyone who attend our class assembly.
The children all worked exceptionally hard and really enjoyed showing their friends and families what they have learnt about the Ancient Egyptians.
Here are some pictures from the assembly.

Getting ready.....

We've begun practicing for our class assembly, which is next week! We're all getting really excited to show you what we have been learning!

The Bleak Beach.

Class 9 have done some fantastic writing today to end our story setting topic.
We've been writing a setting description of the bleak beach where Hiccup's adventure began in our class novel.


Try and spot all the features our super writers have included!



The results are in!

We've been observing our eggs all week to look at changes to the shell.
This is a picture of our results.

We have found that the orange juice caused most damage to the egg shell, with coke, diet coke and coffee all staining the egg shell.

Water and milk caused no changes to the egg shell, showing us the importance of drinking water and milk to protect our teeth from tooth decay.



Today we have been discussing the importance of co-operation and team work.
Class 9 have been untangling themselves and discovered just how essential good communication skills are!

Last week we planned our own investigation to explore the affects of different liquids on tooth decay - using hard boiled eggs to represent our teeth.

We've now set up our experiment , check back to see our results!